We Offer Best-in-Class Products at a Price Every Family Can Afford

Ready to go solar? Explore our base packages below to determine the right option for your family’s needs. Each package can be custom tailored to better serve you!


Best option for smaller families or those who aren’t home very often.


Perfect for the average family who is mindful of their energy usage.


For those who love to keep their house cool or utilize technology often.


Great option for larger homes or those with power tools and/or electric vehicles.

All base monthly pricing based on 25 year financing at 1.49% APR. Subject to credit approval.

Q.Peak Duo Blk 400W



Specially branded for our installations, these panels reduce conductive losses, mechanical stress and shading for improved performance, reliability and efficiency.


Optimized performance in low-light and in all weather conditions. Lower operating temperatures of the module enhance performance and energy yield.


Sleek triple black aesthetics free from front tabbing or bus-bars make this module ideal for high-end residential solar installations.

SolarEdge Inverter

  • Integrated arc fault protection (Type 1) for NEC 2011 690.11 compliance
  • Superior efficiency (98%)
  • Small, lightweight and easy to install
  • Built-in module-level monitoring
  • Internet connection through Ethernet or Wireless
  • Outdoor and indoor installation
  • Fixed voltage inverter, DC/AC conversion only
  • Pre-assembled Safety Switch for faster installation
  • Better equipped to withstand the Arizona heat than Micro-Inverters.

SolarEdge Optimizers

  • Up to 25% more energy
  • Superior efficiency (99.5%)
  • Mitigates all types of module mismatch losses, from manufacturing tolerance to partial shading
  • Flexible system design for maximum space utilization
  • Fast installation with a single bolt
  • Next generation maintenance with module-level monitoring
  • Module-level voltage shutdown and firefighter safety

SolarEdge Home Battery


Time-Based Control

If your utility offers Time-of-Use rates, you can use less expensive solar energy you’ve already generated to avoid electrical charges during more expensive rate periods.

Seamless Backup

When the grid goes down, solar energy will continue to power your home and charge your Home Battery. With Weather Guard enabled on the mySolarEdge app, the system is design to automatically charge your battery when severe weather is detected, extending backup power before the grid goes down

SolarEdge Home Batteries not included in base package pricing. Please consult with our design teams to see if a battery is a good fit for your needs.

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